TRANSOM Handling Signs 9 Work Agreements with National and International Airlines

Within the commitment of Oman aviation services to its strategic plans and towards an effective contribution to strengthening the aviation system and keeping pace with its continued expansion in global markets.  A representative of TRANSOM Handling has signed agreements to provide ground services with a number of international airlines that operate flights to and from the Sultanate’s airports. These agreements come as a translation of the distinguished and pioneering services that TRANSOMHandling provides and the continuous developments in terms of excellence and efficiency in providing high-quality ground services.  These agreements aim to develop partnerships and enhance cooperation and investment in the fields of aviation services in the Sultanate. The announcement of these agreements came during the annual meeting held by Oman Aviation Services with its strategic partners from the airlines, in the presence of the most important representatives of these international companies, including chief executives and senior officials in charge of commercial relations and operations, and in the presence of chiefs and executives, a number of officials and specialists in Oman Aviation Services and its five subsidiaries.  Within the framework of these agreements, TRANSOM Handling will provide a comprehensive range of ground services of the highest quality to our guest travelers. Two agreements were signed with Al-Salam Air, the first is to provide ground services for its flights to Sohar Airport.  As well as a cooperation agreement that allows travelers through Al Salam Air to enter Majan lounge and benefit from its high-end services to enable them to experience a distinguished travel experience that satisfies all tastes and suits all travelers.  An agreement was also signed to provide ground services for Etihad Airways at 21 weekly flights via Muscat International Airport, and for seasonal flights through Salalah Airport. The other agreement was to provide integrated ground handling services with: Kuwait Airways for 3 weekly flights through the airports of Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport.  And with DHL for one trip per week via Muscat International Airport.  With Pakistan International Airlines, 11 flights per week, and “US Bungalow” by 6 flights per week.An agreement was also signed to provide ground services with Iranian Qeshm Air at Muscat International Airport and Sohar Airport, that it operates 8 weekly flights at Muscat International Airport, 7 weekly flights to Sohar Airport, with two flights from Isfahan, 3 flights from Shiraz and one flight from Mashhad, in addition to one flight from Ahwaz. In this regard, Dr. Khalfan bin Saeed Al-Shuaili – CEO of Oman Aviation Services stated, “We are keen to strengthen our relations with our strategic partners from international airlines, and therefore we have devoted our efforts during the past period to developing our services and supporting them with national administrative competencies, specialized training programs, international expertise and equipment. And modern systems, through which we can provide global services that are appropriate to the level of Omani hospitality and that are always keen to satisfy a wide range of guests. In full integration with the partners from the aviation sector institutions in the Sultanate. Thus, it is essential that Oman Aviation Services takes such steps in enhancing passenger and cargo traffic in the Sultanate’s airports by attracting international airlines looking for integrated services for their flights and a unique experience for their guests with the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism. Engineer / Naif bin Ali Al-Abri – Executive Director of TRANSOM Handling said in a statement after signing the agreements: “TRANSOM Handling is expanding its network of commercial relations with international airlines and developing the efficiency and smooth operation of the services it provides, which in turn will lead to  Providing more travel opportunities and options for travelers on domestic and international air carriers TRANSOM Handling has extensive experience in providing ground services spanning more than 40 years, which makes it well-versed to improve the quality of services and excellence It provides it to all travelers on its customers ’flights from different airlines in accordance with the best international standards related to operational safety and quality management.TRANSOM Handling seeks to continuously develop its terrestrial services by investing in national competencies that represent 86% of the company’s entire staff, as well as in modern equipment and technologies that have recently strengthened the company’s capabilities, to maintain outstanding performance and the highest standards of accuracy and safety in place globally.  All of this was reflected in the level of accuracy and speed of performance that exceeded 98%, in addition to the high performance speed index in baggage handling and the low level of loss, all goes the same for the various services that are witnessing continuous development. Majan Lounge also came within the ground handling services to enhance the travelers experience providing them with the luxurious Omani hospitality.