A new identity, a brighter future

Every civilization has an icon, that lays on to connect with others, and to generate life. It’s people renowned since ever with hospitality and warm welcoming.
Overseas, Oman draws a continues line of connection with people all over the world, a connection to the remains with all regeneration and massive changes, it’s a heritage.
That culture reflected on the aviation sector with its very beginnings from the first airport established in 1929.

Luxury and experience
Good things worth waiting, and we’re here in TRANSOM not only writing new history of aviation, but introducing Omani human that are hospitable, open and passionate to the world, with purposeful steps, to start a new era characterized with luxury, crafted experience and pursuit of new spaces, supporting Oman economic growth and verity, and to enhance our competitive ability.

Moreover, we brought all those goals and missions into one strong program last for 5 years to create values and indorse them, generate growth and diversification into several sectors, create job opportunities with sustainable services and discovering new markets locally and internationally.

In TRANSOM, this is the year of execution, that basis on financial sustainability and people. We promised to innovate new concepts in the aviation sector, and a major move to execute our strategies, by executing more than 100 different initiatives with 8 separate paths.

A cultural move
big steps have to be made not only pace with but to create its own path that reflects our culture with experience that built with innovation, distinguish and flexibility.
TRANSOM walked out of all those challenges, to present a model of the authenticity of values and innovation in the aviation industry, to hit a global benchmark.

Shaping its own image with attributes like Hospitality, luxury, and experience. Stating culture based on Governance, people and engagement.

TRANSOM culture built to add a new sense to the aviation industry locally and internationally, based internally on people, by developing, blessing and snapping opportunities for them. And externally by providing premium services, unforgettable experiences and stories to be told by our guests, clients, and partners.

Starting from people, we draw our strategic goals, a roadmap towards an innovative unlimited future, keeping at the same time the heritage of Omani people.

Including everyone, employees, guests, clients, partners and friends all over the world, exceeding time and space, that is TRANSOM culture. They come at the forefront of our concerns, one by one, aware of the impact that private interaction has had, and it is our approach.

The human being is the first and last pivot in the TRANSOM culture and strategy, not only to provide services but also to create a culture that transcends the customer experience, to create a TRANSOMY society, to every one of Oman.

All this to tell you: you are UNLIMITED.