More than 400 employees TRANSOM gather up for “Emerging Stronger Session”

After the weekly TRANSOM Crisis committee meetings which are attended by more than 100 employees and aiming to enhance corporate communication & fulfil transparency among TRANSOM famil, Last week “Emerging Stronger session” was implemented in an exceptional way. It was conducted for all staff and attended by more than 400 employees through Zoom application.

Many vital themes were discussed at the session such as the proceeders and awareness which were implemented by TRANSOM during COVID-19 crisis, and the future action plans to overcome the current situation and to be well prepared once the operation and airports are back to action.

Dr. Khalfan Al-Shuaili, at the beginning of the meeting, mentioned the great efforts of the work teams for their continuous endeavor to contain the effects of the crisis, conscious management and constructive cooperation. He stressed the importance of effective communication to exchange information and reviewe the latest developments in the various operational services, as well as possible facts for the coming period.

In the “Emerging Stronger Togther” program, which was implemented since the beginning of the repercussions of the current crisis, the administration reviewed during the meeting the great progress achieved by the program through the new initiatives put forward by the work teams under the umbrella of “Smart Talent” program, and the innovative ideas that were adopted during the past period.

TRANSOM Top Management presented a detailed presentation on the progress of our business during these unprecedented times, and the fundamental changes that occurred in all operations. They also discussed the current efforts and the preventive and hygienic measures prepared in preparation for the return of work.

The meeting focused on a number of themes, including: Health and safety procedures, the current financial situation, training and and development programs, digital solutions put forward to ensure continuity of operations, and communication between employees, partners and guests, as well as responding to all inquiries.

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