TRANSOM SATS Cargo has been awarded with CEIV certification by an international accreditation authority

TRANSOM SATS Cargo has achieved IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma), an industry leading certification that safeguards the integrity of healthcare products across the air cargo ecosystem. The certification recognizes the quality of TRANSOM SATS’ operations, world-class facilities, state-of-the-art technology and warehouses, and industry best practices to ensure that all pharmaceutical shipments meet the highest international standards for handling Pharmaceutical Logistics. The achievement confirms the consistency of medical product handling services and the quality of air cargo services in line with TRANSOM’s vision to provide exceptionally high standards in all areas.

Achieving CEIV Pharma certification is a major step towards reaching Total Quality Management in air cargo operations and enabling capabilities to focus on the safety and security of pharmaceutical shipments. CEIV Pharma is one of the most important international certifications granted to air cargo companies and recognizes their commitment to meeting strict standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It helps them better manage their operations and raise efficiency levels to achieve international specifications while expanding business scopes to achieve additional international certifications in the years ahead. Eng. Naif Ali Al-Abri, Acting CEO of TRANSOM, said that obtaining CEIV Pharma certification was an important achievement for TRANSOM and fits within the company’s framework to achieve the highest quality standards and services for commercial expansion and to enable airports across the country to position Oman to become a global transshipment hub. Aligned with the strategic plans set by Oman Aviation Group as part of the National Aviation Strategy 2030, it includes improving air cargo capabilities and empowering the logistics sector through a comprehensive air cargo and logistics strategy.

“We aim to develop our services with a strong commitment to applying the highest international standards—most importantly those focused on quality, security and safety management—in a manner that contributes to raising the performance level of all services. We are continuously working to enhance our operations to meet growing demand and investing in advanced technologies to provide high-quality, professional services that meet our customers’ requirements and aspirations,” states Eng. Naif Ali Al-Abri, Acting CEO of TRANSOM.

ST Tan, CEO of TRANSOM SATS Cargo, explains, “These certifications reflect our level of commitment to air cargo as we apply international best practices for quality management systems. They allow us to further develop our capabilities, especially with the development of advanced facilities characterized by state-of-the-art technology and global capabilities. Certification confirms that the necessary procedures have been implemented so we can progress at a steady pace towards industry leadership and sustainability in the field of air cargo services.”

TRANSOM is working diligently towards realizing the future vision of the aviation sector in the Sultanate, which strives for globalization through the development of air cargo performance, raising air cargo capacity, strengthening relations with international airlines, and capitalizing on Oman’s geographic location to connect countries around the world. TRANSOM aims to support Oman’s logistics, economic and tourism sectors by attracting investment opportunities in air cargo and increasing the proportion of national exports through various air cargo ports in country—all of which enhance national economic growth and sustainability.

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